Interstate 82

The Interstate 82 mod-page has been set up.
We have our own server running this mod,
My personal favorite mod for Battlefield 1942
Read more about the mod here
Download Interstate82 1.81 (393MB)

Galactic Conquest

The Galactic Conquest mod-page has been set up.
As far as i know there are at least one dedicated server running this 24/7.
Check out one of the best mods for Battlefield 1942!
Read more about the mod here
Download Galactic Conquest 8.1 (1.1GB)

Server admins

I have a server up and running, sadly I don’t have as much time to manage and play on it as i would like.
So I need a bit of help from volunteer admins, the server is based in New York, so North-Americans is what I’m after.
If you wanna help out, and hopefully have some experience with being an admin or moderator, please send me a message (use the contact form at the bottom, of the page)
Rules are simple enough and pretty standard.

System overload

So… I just made this post to reddit and.. the server got a bit more than it could handle.
The issue has been taken care of, the problem was too many connections to download the file of this website.
So I had to upload it to a secondary location, so it’s now hosted with mediafire.
This should ensure a faster and more stable download of the game.



Battlefield 1942 is free to play after EA dropped all support and made the game unobtainable.
The gamespy master-server went down but luckily the guys over at has come up with a new master.
In order to play Battlefield 1942, simply get the installer and run the game.
You will still find a number of servers online, including’s own servers.



1942mods is a website dedicated to Battlefield 1942. My goal is to offer a full database of all mods for the game as well as custom maps. Information about each mod, including screenshots and hopefully videos.