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MarkNL: Tease tease! MC server coming very soon!  8)
Magiprest: Yay for fix!
Reegad: GameSpy is provding the entire battlefield 1942 server browser, also the one ingame.. so when gamespy goes down, so does the ingame browser. if you see on the server list window, you will see "powered by gamespy".
Origin just posted on their twitter that they are taking care of it tho.
Renwood: Why in the world are you using Gamespy?  You can just use the bf1942 server list inside the game.  NEVER INSTALL GAMESPY!  ~8^)  It will spy on your games! heh
Renwood: A lot of RL stuff has been going on for the members of the GC 8.0 Dev team.  We should be getting back into the swing of production soon.  Keep in mind we should be having a HUGE GC even with a youtube partner later in April.  At this time the GC server WILL BE FULL of players!  I am told 128 players showing up will be "No problem!"
knootewoot: I doubt it :*(. This sucks. Many players still play bf1942. Would hate to see it go. Playing 1 on 1 over LAN is to few.
Magiprest: So, what happens when Gamespy shuts down? It would be horrible if we cant play multiplayer on 1942.. Does anybody know if there will be a patch of some sort, to fix the multiplayer?
knootewoot: Got a new PC, have to reinstall all.
Reegad: Try now. lemme know if u still have troubles. you have the right permissions, cleared the session database.
Renwood: I tried to post this in the forums, but it kept telling me my session timed out.
Glad you had fun GD2D!  I will be a lot more present this time.  I was on 2 teamspeak servers half the time and on the phone trying to get more people to join.  Like the host of a party, I was busy making sure everybody was able to get GC working and checking to make sure we had everything set up and making posts on the FB page and our websites.  This time I am just gonna chill and play the game with Y'all!
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xx New/Updated map for is82....
Mar 26, 2014, 02:01 by GoodDayToDie!!

My second map, GoodDay's Deathrace, has been revised & renamed to gooddaytodie_iii.
The map plays the same mostly(still TAXING RANK COOKIE WORTHY).
Changes include:
Added flag to Out of Bounds section.
Reegad's Taxi Stratos.
Additional Foliage & Mountains/Hillsides.
Modified the Hand Weapons some.
Stratos no longer spawn at the start.
Increased View Distance.

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xx Weekly Galactic Conquest tests
Mar 25, 2014, 06:55 by Reegad

Hi folks.
The Galactic Conquest team has made their latest build public, and will be running weekly tests to gather people on the server at the same time.

So grab the client HERE and join the server!
Every Saturday at 11:00 AM CST / GMT -06:00
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xx New layout
Mar 23, 2014, 03:45 by Reegad
Been working on a new layout for the site.

Hope you like it  :smiley:
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xx Galactic Conquest 7.3d Public Beta!
Mar 22, 2014, 10:31 by Reegad
Download here
version 7.3d (1.2gb)
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xx Bf1942 Map: Parcourse Challenge--Converted to is82
Mar 14, 2014, 11:03 by GoodDayToDie!!
I am well underway converting and revising the BF42 challenge/obstacle course map, Parcours Challenge. It will soon have a second home at
Here are a couple of before and after photos. Keep it mind it is still under construction and should be available for download in the coming weeks.

For those familiar with this map, I am adding soldier spawn points attached to the final flag which will be the start to the,"Tour Parcours Challenge" rally car(Lancia Stratos) section.

This will consist of a track of stunt roads going throughout the map. This track will only be used AFTER THE MAP IS BEATEN THE ORIGINAL METHOD OF WALKING. It also leads to a new final flag with an airfield(yet to be constructed)......STAY TUNED!
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