New bunker

Diamondback has requested a new bunker-system for his map. This bunker is below a hangar and is reachable by a hatch in the hangar floor.

The bunker will feature 2 control-rooms, a soldiers rest and sleeping area, a generator-room and some dark hallways. Playing with the light-settings to get the best possible bunker-experience out of this map.

Some of the consoles (work in progress) to go in the control-rooms.

Server monitor issues

This issue is now resolved.

Gametracker is currently experiencing some issues, the only way for the gametracker info to show up is to go to their website and get your IP approved by gametracker.
It will be cached for a small amount of time before it will have to re-check, the problem will hopefully be solved soon.
Read more about it here:

In the meantime, server status can be found here: gc 8.1

Epic event!

A big thank you to everyone who joined us for our Galactic Conquest event yesterday!

We will plan our next event shortly and would be interested in getting a weekly Galactic Conquest event going.

We had people streaming, taking screenshots and doing some filming for a promo / community video which we will post here as soon as they pop up.

Galactic Conquest Event

We will be hosting a Galactic Conquest event on March 25th, 2017 at 12 PM EST (6 PM CET).

The server is already running Galactic Conquest version 8.1, so join in and get some practice before the event starts! You can download the files on our GC page.

Join us on our Discord (link on the right) to talk about everything related to BF1942; feel free to share your own server events and information.

Thanks to Texafornian for hosting this event!