There are two things that will alter the loading bar, which are the precache and the loadcounter files. The simple way to fix them is to create new ones.

The main purpose of the precache is to load the objects into memory to reduce lag during gameplay. The precache is also part of the loading bar sequence.

The loadcounter.dat has the main impact on the loading bar. Without one, the map loading bar goes crazy, making it look like the map is loading quickly over and over again.

Remove the old loadcounter.dat and precache.con files (if they exist) and repack the map. Start up with the debugger and the loading bar will act crazy. Once the map loads, go to the command line by typing the ‘~’ key.

Type this line:


It takes only a second. Then, quit the game and take a look at:

program files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\bf1942\[map name]\

You will find a new loadcounter.dat and precache.con files. Copy those into the map’s main folder (the same place as the init.con) and repack.

Just start up the map with the debugger and use this command to create a new precache:


The debugger will write a new precache in the same place as the debugger genrated pathmaps.