Say hello to Baytown Races! A new map by GoodDayToDie

Welcome to the Baytown Races.
Group up and select your vehicle class.
Or team up for a Cat ‘n Mouse Deathrace.
(or just blow some stuff up)


We will be hosting a Galactic Conquest event on December 16th, 2017 at 11pm PST / 2pm EST / 7pm GMT / 8pm CET.
The server is already running Galactic Conquest version 8.2, so join in and get some practice before the event starts! You can download the files on our GC page.

Join us on our Discord (link on the right) to join on the voice-chat during the event.

Spread the word! will be hosting an event on Saturday December 2nd!
The server is already up 24/7 so get in there and practice your skills!
There will be a variety of maps running, including the original deathrace maps, the harder maps ruined vacation and problematic, GoodDayToDie’s latest Ninja Ratchet map, and a bunch more!
You can get the mod and map-pack needed on our Interstate82 page

Interstate 82 v1.81
Map pack for this event


Downloads coming soon

No planned events 🙁

Leave us a message if you would like to see us
host an event featuring a mod or custom maps!